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QuestGamesOptimizer (QGO) (v5.1.3) ?

(please read all the page, and links and communications before asking questions)

Make the most of your headset's potential with this COMMUNITY based tool. Increase performance, graphics or battery life and say goodbye to blurry and laggy games, say hello to shaper and detailed images. Turn your Quest 2 into a Quest 3 and rest your eyes with sharper images !

The main interest of this application is to offer the best possible experience on the majority of games in the Quest stores.

 FOR QUEST 1 & 2 & Pro


QGO in some points :

  • Translated in French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Simplified Chinese 
  • App launcher with sort, filters, search and bookmarks features
  • Over 400 games directly optimized with lag free experience
  • Use the embedded settings/profiles, edit them or simply create your owns
  • Auto backup and restore personal profiles via login feature
  • Improve graphics, battery, performance and smoothness
  • Set custom resolution
  • Set custom refresh rate up to 120hz
  • Set 7 CPU and GPU levels independently. Unlock GPU up to 587Mhz !
  • Set Fixed Foveated Rendering and Eye Tracking Foveated Rendering
  • Each game can have different optimization profiles: Personal, Battery Saving, Performance, HD, HD+
  • Record videos at 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 2560p up to 120 fps on 16:9/1:1 with custom bitrate and eye selection
  • Launch your games from anywhere. Their profile will be automatically optimized
  • Switch between games without ever removing the headset or doing boring PC manipulations because the profiles are stored in the headset

Here is a short and well explained article about QGO from Reality Remake 



Dev log and communications with users

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Videos and medias

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How to report a bug ? 

Contact me at questgamesoptimizer@gmail.com

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bonjour , impossible de finaliser le paiement 

(1 edit)

Bonjour, à tout hasard, avez-vous traduit la page ? Si oui, c'est problématique lors de l'achat. Itch semble avoir des problèmes lors du paiement si vous traduisez la page en français. La page de paiement doit être en anglais.

Deleted 4 days ago

Beyond Excellent!  If you have a Quest then you need QGO!  This thing makes optimizing your games a Breeze, especially with the auto-detection.   Do yourself a fav and grab it because it makes games run and look great, it's really that good! 

Thank you for this review. I really appreciate it ! :-)

Quick review after 2 weeks of intensive use :

Got a Quest 2? You NEED QGO.

On most games, especially the oldest ones, the graphical gap is so huge it is like jumping for a poor switch port at 540p to 1080p. Nothing's blurry anymore. You can now read texts from distance. For some games I just can't go back.

I use I with all my games now and never noticed lags or performance issues with the default profiles, neither did I noticed my quest getting hotter.


Petit retour après 2 semaines d'utilisation (très) intensive :
Vous avez un Quest 2 ? QGO est un indispensable.

Sur certains jeux, en particulier les jeux les moins récents, la différence est telle qu'on sent quasiment une génération de différence. Les textes deviennent subitement lisibles, les arrière-plans détaillés... c'est un peu comme de passer du 540p dégueu de certains portages switch à du 1080p.
Je n'ai jamais pu observer de baisse de framerate.

Et depuis que j'utilise des batteries externes interchangeable je n'ai pas ressenti la hausse de consommation, ni d'échauffement du casque.

(1 edit)

Merci pour cette review, je ne vous avais pas menti ;-)

Une fois testé, on ne veut plus revenir en arrière :-)

N'hésitez pas en parler autour de vous :-) Des nouveaux profils sont créés régulièrement (voir les notifications dans QGO). Je travaille sur ma prochaine application. Je vais communiquer dans peu de temps, elle devrait aussi vous plaire :-)

Passez voir la communauté Facebook si vous pouvez : https://www.facebook.com/groups/questgamesoptimizer

May have missed my comment regarding quest pro, sorry to repost let me know if you can implement eye tracked foveated rendering - I had been wanting to globally activate this, the only games this would work for if I’m not mistaken need to use oculus xr plugin 3.2.1 and run Vulkan for graphics api.   It would be nice if we could activate it through your app and it would work with games with those plugins/runtimes 

Are you able to enable local dimming globally for your app? I’m sure it won’t activate for link or virtual desktop, sadly, but would love to at least have the option for standalone

(1 edit)


Yes I'm lost with all these comments ^^

I don't use these plugins, but ADB stuff. These plugins are executed in the scope of the apps themselves. That is why, without QGO, when you're back to oculus home, the home's resolution and performances revert to default. Even with these plugins/APIs, I can't interact with the core game itself from outside its scope. But I encourage you to try by yourself with your solution. I would like to be wrong.

Didn't find any commands for local dimming for the moment... Is it you, you contacted me by email about local dimming? :-)

I didn’t email, but that should tell you how in demand these advertised “pro” features are, whoever can figure out how to activate local dimming (openxr extension 217) globally on the headset and eye tracked foveated rendering will definitely be hitting front page of all the VR news outlets and all over twitter I’m sure. Especially if they can enable this for pcvr! But stand-alone is a good step forward. 

Also, sorry if I poorly worded my comment, I myself do not have a solution, I just know what the documentation says is needed to be able to “click” the checkbox for eye tracked foveated rendering (oculus xr plugin and Vulkan). 

Your page does say it can activate eye tracked foveated rendering, though, what is it referencing ? 

The page says we can change the Foveated Rendering (FR) Level. For example with Red Matter, if you enable the Eye Tracking on your headset, the FR you will set on QGO will be for the ETFR. If you disable the Eye Tracking for Red Matter on your headset, the Fixed Foveated Rendering (FFR) will be used.

ETFR only have 5 levels (no Very High level)

FFR have 6 levels

I explain that with the "?" button under FR level on QGO QuestPro version.

Is it more clear now ? :-)

Certainly is! I’ll keep my eye out for local dimming if you are able to enable it 😄

Yes :-) And if you find a command or something else or if you try something with good result, tell me :-)

It's a very good software! Do you have the plan to adapt it to pico4 devices? (The resolution of pico4 is very, very poor).

Thank you :-) This was my plan past few months and Pico sent to me a device to develop on it. But they are not ready concerning ADB for the moment. So I'm stuck for the moment...

(1 edit)

Hello , I have been using this app for the last month and i love it ! I have been telling everybody about it . However i have a question , lately i have been getting some performance. Reduction while playing contractors vr on the HD+ profile with 27% resolution increase ,  is there anyway to increase the fps without decreasing the resolution ? I think the profile has cpu and gpu set on "high" , what would happen if i set them on very high or insane ? Would that increase the fps while keeping the same resolution or would it decrease it ? If yes then why set it on high instead of insane ? To decrease the load on the processor maybe , what negative effect would that have ? 

Another question , if i set the resolution to "square" , what does it do ? Since i have foveated rendering on very high , i wouldn't be able to see the edges very well anyways or does it reduce resolution in the center of the screen as well ? 

Thank you and i apologize for asking so many questions, i just wanted to clear them up ever since i got the app.  

Hi ! Glad to read that :-)

The Contractors's HD+ profile is use by some official team for competitions, so I will ask them if they also detect some frame drops. This could be due to an update of the game, for example. So the profile could be obsolete in this case. I just verified this and no update of Contractors has been released past few months. I will ask the teams I know.

The official Contractors HD+ profile is 1830x2013, Default Refresh Rate (so 72Hz in this case), CPU to dynamic, GPU to Insane and FFR to Very High.

What do you want ? Increasing refresh rate and so the FPS ? For example, running the game at 90Hz/90FPS ?

Increasing CPU, GPU and FFR level help you to increase performances, so that you can increase resolution without frame drops. Anyway, you need to monitor performances with OVR Metrics Tool (https://developer.oculus.com/downloads/package/ovr-metrics-tool/)

I made some profiles with High or Very High level instead of Insane because of battery consumption. The more you increase Refresh Rate, CPU or GPU level, the more you increase battery consumption. So, people have choice. I personally always use the higher level possible in my own utilization. I don't care about battery consumption as I use a power bank and my headset is always plugged to charge.

The square resolution doesn't really affect the image quality in most of the case. I have to confess that I didn't make much test on square resolution. I know that some games (Quake for example) use square resolution and that it was asked by few people in the community. As it doesn't really affect the image quality, we could save more performance, and so we could increase a little bit more the resolution. But, by default, the original resolution is Height = 1.1xWidth => 1440x1584 for Meta Quest 2.

Hope this help ! :-)

As you love the app, you could rate the app and join the communities :-) The facebook one is great ! :-)

I absolutely love this app. I am was wondering if there was a way to force a game to use Dynamic Foveated Rendering on the Quest Pro. Thanks again!

Thank you :-)

Just set FR to dynamic ;-)

But if you speak about Eye Tracking Foveated Rendering (ETFR), we cannot do this as this need to be implemented by the game developers. Currently the only game using the ETFR is Red Matter 2. But the result is ugly... We can clearly see the ETFR in action even when we are moving our eyes. I, personally prefer the Fixed Foveated Rendering (FFR) for the moment.

As you love the app, you can rate the app for more visibility in the Itch store :-)

ah, so you cannot implement eye tracked foveated rendering? I had been wanting to globally activate this, the only games this would work for if I’m not mistaken need to use oculus xr plugin 3.2.1 and run Vulkan for graphics api.   It would be nice if we could activate it through your app and it would work with games with those plugins/runtimes 

Are you able to enable local dimming globally for your app? I’m sure it won’t activate for link or virtual desktop, sadly, but would love to at least have the option for standalone

Hey there! Was looking at buying this tool, but it's a shame you can't enable wireless ADB from inside the headset.

HOWEVER, I found a few things that may help you with developing that feature:

This is an app that let's you enable wireless ADB from inside the Quest. I haven't gotten it to work for this app yet.

This is a forum that talks about enabling wireless ADB from an app. I found it had useful information.

Hopefully you will be able to add this feature!

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi, thanks for this :-), I will deep dive into it. I tried in the past some tricks with secure settings and setedit for example, but with no success. You can enable the ADB wireless state with what you give to me (same thing as setedit) but after you need to wake up the service ADB local service and loop back by establishing the master slave relation/connection with some scripts on the PC/phone side. QGO use a custom ADB daemon to talk to the headset by itself to avoid the need of a PC/phone. But to wake up this daemon, we need to wake up this daemon and the only solution is with a wired connection first.

What this github offer is a way to connect to your PC without an USB cable. So after enabled the ADB Wifi state, a python script can detect the ip+port of your headset BUT after that you need to run the adb connect ip:port command to establish the real wireless connection and for example use sidequest without cable and so QGO without cable


Je ne comprend pas pourquoi le prix diffère à ce point de celui vu en live il y a quelques mois. J'avais entendu 5$, mais il est d'usage d'afficher le prix TTC... Au final on se retrouve quand même à 7,20$ ce qui fait tout de même 2 baguettes tradition de différence... Il serait bon d'ajouter un petit "Hors taxes" quelques part.


Les taxes sont dues au taux de change et à la plateforme Itch. Le prix est indiqué en dollars et le reste n'est plus de mon ressort. La taxe est différente suivant les pays. Vous pourriez utiliser un VPN pour outrepasser ça. Certains ne payent pas de taxe. Je ne maitrise pas cet aspect-là et il en va de même pour tout ce que vous achèterez sur la plateforme Itch. Le prix est donc différent d'une personne/pays à l'autre. Itch indique le prix que j'ai fixé. Je peux glisser un "exluding taxe" en haut de la page mais ne pourrais pas faire mieux.

En tout cas, ne vous inquiétez pas, l'appli vaut bien plus que deux baguettes traditions, un pain de maïs prétranché et une quinzaine de chouquettes :-). Vous ne pourrez plus vous en passer. Si vous avez des doutes, n'hésitez pas à rejoindre la communauté Facebook et consulter les commentaires et avis ou même poser vos questions ;-)

Et si vous n'êtes toujours pas convaincu, j'ai mis à disposition une version d'essai gratuite de 5 jours pour vous faire une idée du potentiel de l'app :-)

(1 edit)

La version gratuite m'a plus que convaincu. Après 3 jours de test intensif je ne peux effectivement plus m'en passer. (Sur I Expect you to die 2 et YupiterFall le gap est énorme). Je vais passer à la caisse !
Je n'ai malheureusement pas facebook mais je passerai poser quelques questions notamment sur la fréquence par défaut de tel ou tel jeu, pour lequel il n'est pas évident de comparer les configs. (Je pense notamment à Compound qui prend un sacré boost visuel mais pour lequel je ne sais pas si je passe en dessous de la fréquence par défaut.).

Je ne m'étais pas trompé 👍🙂 Je répondrais à vos questions 👌

J'ai trouvé c'est bon xD

Impeccable :-) Amusez-vous bien avec QGO :-)

Bonjour je ne vois pas le lien pour acheter, ou est il svp ?

Bonjour, au-dessus des commentaires. Si vous ne les voyez pas, essayez de rafraichir la page :-)

Is there a way to run modded beat saber with this tool? bmbf(the mod launcher) cant be edited with this tool, im not sure if im doing anything wrong, the edit option just doesnt show up for bmbf(im assuming that if the settings are made from the launcher they would work on the game) 

Hi, BMBF is a flat (2D) app, so it can't be optimized, but Beat Saber can be optimized.

Is there a way to get it to work when bmbf launches beat saber? I dont see the notification when it launches

(1 edit)

Yes it should work, if you enable the auto detect feature in QGO settings. Icon in yellow on top right

thank you!

Super application,qui se bonifie avec le temps. Assez étonnant de voir que le Q2 peut faire bien mieux que ce que les dev' nous propose.

RE4VR avec le profil HD+ 😍

Merci beaucoup ! 😊 Oui, ça reste un très bon casque avec beaucoup de potentiel

How will the v49 update 7% uplift in GPU performance affect existing profiles?

(3 edits)

Meta just said they allow dev to use this frequency. So developers will need to update their games...or not... for just extra 7%...

But QGO use this frequency since the beginning and up to 587Mhz since few months.

So, let's see 😉

Sweet. Still nice to see Devs will be able to optimize stuff with new performance target.

J'adore l'application, je ne m'en passerais plus, mais j'ai un problème... mon adresse de courriel ne fonctionne pas quand je tente d'enregistrer l'application. Je vous ai envoyé un courriel il y a 3 jours, je crois, et je n'ai toujours eu aucune réponse. Désolé d'utilise cet espace commentaire pour vous faire part de mon problème mais je ne savais plus comment procéder.

Bonjour, je vous ai répondu le 11/12/2022 17:59, vous vous êtes trompé d'email de connexion, il vous manquait un "r" dans votre adresse mail ;-) Je vous renvoi le mail

(2 edits)


Ma bonne adresse de courriel est al****ar@g****.com. Les lettres masquées ne contiennent aucun "r". Je ne tiens pas à écrire publiquement mon adresse complète, vous le comprendrez bien. Est-ce bien ce que vous avez de votre côté car je ne semble recevoir aucun de vos courriels. J'ai peut-être fait une erreur dans l'adresse de courriel que j'avais inscrite originellement? 

Merci de votre prompte réponse!


En effet, vous ne semblez pas recevoir mes emails... Comme mentionné, l'adresse d'achat sur Itch.io est la suivante et contient 2 "r". 


Je peux tenter de rectifier votre adresse pour la connexion QGO avec un seul "r", mais pour ce qui est des communications Itch.io, je ne peux rien faire elles arriveront sur l'adresse avec 2 "r" à moins que vous puissiez la changer dans votre compte.

Dites moi. 

J'ai envoyé la copie de ce message en réponse à votre email de ce matin. 


J'ai vérifié et mon adresse sur itch.io est bien avec 1 seul "r". Je reçoit les notifications de itch.io à la bonne adresse. Il semblerait donc que seule l'adresse de connexion QGO soit invalide. En attendant, j'ai réussi à activer QGO en utilisant l'adresse avec 2 "r" et tout fonctionne merveilleusement bien :)

Je n'ai donc aucune idée comment l'erreur s'est produite originellement, mais c'est maintenant sans importance puisque je peux utiliser QGO. S'il vous est possible de modifier l'adresse pour la connexion QGO, cela me semblerait une meilleure solution à long terme car je recevrai vos courriels correctement.

Avec tous mes remerciements, autant pour votre support prompt et efficace dans la résolution de cet incident que pour le merveilleux travail que vous avez accompli et continuez d'accomplir avec QGO.

Dany Lamontagne

Eh bien, voilà une affaire réglée. J'ai fait en sorte que vous puissiez vous connecter avec un "r" et avec deux "r" à l'avenir. 😉

Merci pour votre message, ça fait plaisir 🙂. En effet je ne laisse jamais tomber les gens si j'ai la possibilité de les aider. 

Amusez vous bien avec cette v5 😀


Hi, thank you very much for your support and for speaking QGO around your friends, I really appreciate this :-) ! Yes QGO is for everyone, so for Chinese person for sure :-) I don't know if my Chinese Google Translate is good but I'm happy and proud it help chinese people to play with QGO ! :-)

Will QGO improve performance for a game like DCS World (that runs on the PC and connects ti the Quest 2 via a Link cable)?

Nope, QGO is for standalone games. On PCVR side, this is your PC which render the images and your Quest is just a screen ;-)

bummer :(

Thank you for the prompt reply. 

(1 edit) (-1)

Can one mailbox be used in unlimited devices?

Nope, your email will be blocked for abuse


bad rules


You don't imagine the quantity of work and personal time it represents to create and maintain the app on many devices as a solo dev, and to create profiles for more than 300 games. QGO has been downloaded illegally thousands of times. So that's how it is. Your email is used to store your personal profiles as backup if you reinstall the app and is used to control if you bought the app. But no need for an email to use the free trial period for 5 days.

If i have 2 headsets (2 and pro) can I use the same email for logging in for both of them?


Yep :)

Tried it yesterday and Superhot looks like it's on PCVR on the Pro. Also, many games have locked FPS under 90, now that's not a problem. Nice that I can optimize all games even if there are no presets - but I had to click around until I saw that as an option.
Also, maybe when changing the resolution, the + and - should increase the % not the resolution by 1.


Hi, great to read that :-) They are at the moment more than 380 optimized games, so you can help to increase the list by sending your profiles to me, and then I will check if yes or not I will add them to the cloud list for all users. I will check stability, FPS, so smoothness, CPU, GPU utilization and so on..

For the resolution, this is not a good idea, as % is not as precise as pixels. Percent is for common users, when pixels allow adjusting more precisely.

At the beginning, there was no percentage metric.

great, I'll send a few!

I need pico edition QAQ

how much time still have ? 

I'm stuck on Pico development. Pico need to release some ADB stuff to continue. So for the moment I can't say



pico adb

(1 edit)

Those are just for these Pico devices: Pico G2 4K/4KE/4K Plus, Pico Neo 2, Pico Neo 2 Eye, Pico Neo 3 Pro... Not for Pico 4

Hi, unfortunatly these commands doesn't work, that is why I contacted Pico. If it works for you please tell me. You will need to monitor metrics to see the results

If someday QGO can be used for PICO4,  it will definitely become a mandatory softwareI promise!!


Application ESSENTIELLE.

L'essayer c'est ne plus s'en passer tellement les graphismes sont beaucoup beaucoup mieux sans qu'il y ai de ralentissement.

Mais vous avez aussi le choix de profiter des réglages pré définis OU de choisir les vôtre.

Il y a souvent des maj et Anagan79 répond très rapidement à toutes vos questions et ne vous lâche pas tant que vous n'avez pas résolu votre difficulté.

Merci beaucoup :-)

I’m not seeing automatic permissions in the accessibility menu. I just see ways to adjust color there. Am I missing something? I am on a quest two. I am only getting the notifications that the profiles are working when I select the games directly from the optimizer app.

Hi, I don't understand all what you say. Can you explain more your problem ?

What is your QGO version ?

The auto detect features use the accessibility permission under the hood.

I don't understand when you speak about colors.

Getting the notification that profile is apply mean QGO work.

If I load the game through your optimizer Iget a pop up saying settings are applied. If I load the game from the normal games menu it doesn’t notify me with a pop up that the settings are applied.

I figured it out thanks.

You must enable the auto detect mode ;-)

Is there anyway to wirelessly enable ADB with an iphone or android tv or windows computer or directly on the quest 2? It appears that the mobile apps that do this are only for android devices? Maybe I could run one of these apps on my android tv? It's a pain to have to cable connect the device to my computer on restarts. I don't understand why Meta doesn't expose the option on the Quest itself and have the option to persist between restarts. 

All the explanations are here ;-)


You can enable it with your Android phone, not with iPhone, and it is not really due to Meta but the fact that Meta choose to use Android 10 on their headsets and that Android 10 limit ADB persistence. 

anything that would work from android tv? it doesn't seem like the mobile apps are available for android tv :( also wondering, is it something your app can detect whether or not adb is enabled, so you can flag that it needs to be enabled? otherwise it can be confusing for a user if they have your app installed but the optimization is not being applied. 

btw, even with adb enabled, i am still not seeing the overlay that shows the optimized graphics override being applied when i launch in death unchained which i have set to HD. this was working before. maybe an issue with the 5.04 update or a meta update? also, a gotcha for anyone with elite strap with extended battery, you have to plug the cable directly into the oculus, not the passthrough port of the elite strap.

Nope, it will not work on an Android TV, but you can use your Android smartphone. QGO detect if ADB service is enabled when you launch QGO or when QGO have to apply profile. It shows you a popup notification asking you to activate ADB wireless service if you didn't activate it ;-)

If you don't see the popup notification mentioning the profile has been applied, this could be due to the fact you enabled the do not disturb mode on your Quest. Another reason is that you didn't enable the Auto detect feature. This is mandatory if you launch your optimized games from outside QGO in order it detects when you launch games to apply its profile. If you still have problems, you could uninstall and then reinstall QGO.

ah, it was the do not disturb set... so, were the optimized settings still being applied and i was just not getting notified?

Deleted 87 days ago
Deleted 87 days ago

Your app is great! Some games looks like they run from PC. Resently I upgraded to pico 4, and some native games looking not so  good) If someday you'll make a port for pico 4 it will be a gamechanger!


Hi, thank you 👍😀 I'm working on the port of the Quest Pro and also working on Pico port but no promise on this side


Any ETA for the Qpro port? Cant wait to test it!!

Keep up the excellent work!


Very soon haha 😉👍

I’m very excited for quest pro support! I just purchased your app today after testing it on the quest 2.


ohhh!! I'll have a good day knowing that! Thx for your work!

Also recently got a Pico 4 so keeping my fingers crossed for the PGO 😜

I uninstalled qgo from my oculus 2, then I went through the download procedure with my laptop via my purchase receipt from the previous version which sent me to the optimizer web site for the new download. Then connected my quest 2 to the computer and allowed the prompt in my headset to allow connection the this laptop. Then proceeded to download the new version onto my headset upon which my headset asked me to allow adb connection which I did. I went to unknown sources and it wasn’t there. I can’t find the questgamesoptimizer anywhere on my headset! Help!

Ok so try force uninstall of QGO. Sometimes Meta software don't really clean uninstalled apps and their files. It happened to me on some games. 

Run this : "adb uninstall com.anagan.qgo" on SideQuest and then install QGO as usual. 

Tell me if this is better now

Thanks I’ll do this tonight which is Friday. But just to clarify, Do you mean force uninstall from my headset? If so how do I do that when I don’t see it located anywhere. Or do you mean do this on my laptop on side quest. Excuse me if I sound a little novice at all of this.

Force uninstall on sidequest par running command 😉

I don’t understand. Nothing I am doing is working soI uninstalled side quest on my quest 2 and when I reinstalled it, I got the message that it was installed from the sidequest app but it’s not installed. This is getting frustrating as it was working great before but now I’ve spent 3 hours troubleshooting for this new version to be installed, but now I can neither get sidequest back or optimizer back on. 

I don't understand what you are trying to do. Installing SideQuest or QuestGamesOptimizer ?

Here is the whole explanation about How to Install or Update QuestGamesOptimizer = https://anagan79.itch.io/quest-games-optimizer/devlog/443273/how-to-install-update

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The demo currently crashes on Quest Pro. Is there a chance this device will be supported

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Hey, I did however specify that it is only compatible with Quest 1 and 2..., and that I'm working on the Pro version. Why not wait an post that it it crash ? V5 is not yet compatible... Please wait. I will inform the community when it will work. 


Apologies. I did a search for Quest Pro on this page and didn't get any results. Thanks for the update, I did not intend to be annoying and was just trying to be informative. Thank you.

Could you add on/off switch?
When I'm playing with my girlfriend / friends, we are casting gameplay to the TV and some games with high resolution profiles start to lose performance.
I just want to turn off all profiles with one simple switch in the app, but still continue to use the app to start games.
Now if I want turn off all profiles I need to restart the device, use without it and when we stop casting to TV turn on ADB again.
On/Off switch will be very useful.

PS. Thanks for your hard work, new feature opening the app through the store is great.

Hi the solution is to turn off the auto-detect toggle button so that you can launch your games from the Oculus Home and QGO won't detect you are launching them ;-)


I know about this, but I like to use your app for my favorite list, to search and start games, so I would prefer to just turn off all preset with one click and continue to use the app :)

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I see what you mean, will put it in my todo for a next release ;-)


May I ask when this software can be used on PICO NEO 3

I have no date but working on it

 unfortunately the store button doesn't work at all.I turn it on.  ( all green dots to the right.)  but it never worked once.

it would be nice and especially easy if this would work or if you could make your own button.??


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The Store shortcut is an Experimental feature.

Experimental -> Doesn't always work very well

By enabling this feature, you will be able to start QuestGamesOptimizer from the homepage of the headset by hovering on the Store app shortcut. The counterpart is that the Store application will be deactivated to make way for QuestGamesOptimizer. But you can revert this feature.

You point a good thing I need to do. I will add some words about the following :

= > This only work for : Chinese, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German and US only.

What is your country / Language in your headset ?

Thanks for the alert

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Bien le bonjour, j'ai cru comprendre qu'il y avait possibilité d'essayer QGO. Où puis-je trouver cette version d'essai ? En vous remerciant. PS: j'ai scrollé trop vite... Désolé 





v5.0.1 fix crash for Chinese users ;-)

je veut mettre la version v5 et je sais plus comment faire et en plus je viens de repayer l abonnement  .ca c est pas grave  parce que anagan79 le merite amplement .merci d avance

Salut, ce n'était pas la peine de repayer ;-)
Il y a un gros bouton sur ma page Itch.io qui t'explique comme mettre à jour l'application

Voici le lien :


OMG the v5.0.0 is amazing !!! Really better than the v4.0.1 and have a cool new UI. I will send you a new game profile. Thank you for your hard work ! Love QGO from the beginning ! I'm inviting friends to buy your app ;-) You deserve it !

Thank you guy, yes it represents hard work, but the principal is people are happy with app :-)

Press adb wifi The bat file also prompts that the link is on, but after opening the software, the software is blank, and then automatically pops up. What is the problem? I found a problem. Running as an administrator on a PC, I was prompted that the path could not be found. Is it caused by this problem

Jump out when the software is opened

Hi, are you from China ? If yes, there is an issue with Chinese users. I'm working on it... I will need information. Please, contact my by email if you have troubles, or on reddit/facebook by private message  ;-)

Hi, you can update QGO to v5.0.1, I pushed a fix. Tell me if this is better for you.

Bonjour, après avoir installé la version 5, Horizon World ne figure plus dans ma liste des programmes alors qu'il est dans la liste des jeux optimisés... Une idée ? Merci :)

Ah bien vu ! J'ai ma petite idée, j'ai fait en sorte de ne pas faire apparaître les applis de Meta dans QGO... Et horizon en fait partie... Je corrige ça pour la prochaine version ;-) Ça pourra attendre ?

Oui, super, merci à toi, l'appli est vraiment super, félicitations ;)

Salut, tu peux installer la v5.0.1 directement depuis QGO, et tu retrouveras Horizons, venues et workroom ;-)

Déjà fait et la mise à jour en un clic est top ! Merci encore pour ton boulot ;-)

Super ! 👌

Bonjour, je l'ai acheté au démarrage, mais mon adresse email n'est pas reconnu alors que je l'ai bien acheté. Comment puis-je prouver que je l'ai acheté ? Et oui, j'ai rentré l'adresse itchio... Et j'ai même pas eu de clé gratuite sniff  

As-tu renseigné l'email utilisé lors de l'achat ? C'est celui-ci qu'il faut renseigner. Si ce n'est pas mieux, contacte-moi par email qu'on regarde ton achat. Je vais devoir me montrer méfiant. Avec cette version gratuite et le système de compte, je sens arriver les abus.

Envoi moi un message à cette adresse : questgamesoptimizer@gmail.com

Hello, du coup, effectivement, c'est passé sous l'adresse PayPal lol j'avais demandé à Eric aussi mais j'ai trouvé avant qu'il réponde lol en tout cas, c'est top et merci pour ces efforts. Jean-Baptiste ^^

On dirait que ça a marché à ce que je vois. Vous confirmez ?

Oui ^^ merci pour tout ce retour ^^ et désolé d'avoir raté le live hier, je l'ai vu en rediff. Merci pour tout

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